Best Places To Travel In February (2017)


If you’re anything like us, as February creeps around you’ll be feeling a little bit dog-eared thanks to the excesses of the holiday season and the stresses of keeping up New Year’s Resolutions (We gave up on our fitness fads in the first week in January). So rather than muddling on, how about taking a trip somewhere for a much-needed battery recharge? After all, travel is slow at this time of the year, so prices are great. It would be rude not to…


Orlando, Florida

If you’re looking for somewhere to holiday with the kids, you might want to consider good ol’ Orlando, where theme park queues are much shorter at this time of the year than they would be at peak times. That means you’re likely to get more bang for your buck when paying for Disney World or Universal Studios tickets. You’ll also be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a golden sandy beach to lounge on. With lower numbers of tourists, you’ve got more chance of some much-needed R & R.

San Francisco

If you’re going to San Francisco…then you need to go in February, when the Super Bowl is in town. The sporting event is so all-encompassing that the Bay Area will become a hotchpotch of pop-up eateries, retail area, and live events to keep the high level of tourists entertained. San Francisco is also a stone’s throw from the Napa Valley, where some of the world’s finest wines are produced. If you’re partial to a drop of red or white, you’d be mad to miss out on a wine tasting vineyard tour, where you can sample the local delicacies and also gem up to become a wine buff, too.


Montreal is a place of great music and great food, so it makes sense to combine the two at some of the city’s great bars like Modavie, the Montreal jazz club who serve up some mean French cuisine. During January and February weekends, the 375th Igloofest takes place in the city, which is one of the trendiest electronic music events around, bringing thousands of visitors to the vibrant city. This winter event covers the Old Port in bright dazzling lights and music under the twinkling stars of the Montreal sky.

Honolulu, Hawaii

There is no doubt that Honolulu is beautiful all year round, but traveling in February is a great idea for those on a budget – you can shave up to 40% from your hotel bill just by holidaying in the quieter month. For those interested in military history, you can visit the USS Arizona Memorial for a once in a lifetime experience. The city is also on the verge of a culinary boom with great taverns, eateries and coffee shops seemingly popping up on every corner of Kakaako. However, if a more sedate life is for you, you can always enjoy the scenic views and pristine sand of Waikiki Beach. You’re sure to feel at home in this island paradise.


The Australian state Tasmania is home to lots of indigenous wildlife and beautiful lush scenery that has remained untouched for hundreds of years. As with all of the southern hemisphere, February is the height of summer, meaning that you can expect exceptional temperatures as high as 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Visiting the capital city Hobart in the south of the state reveals picturesque views over the Lake St. Clair, national heritage sites and miles of beautiful coastline all in one city.


February means Valentine’s Day, and there are few cities more romantic than the lake-filled city of Venice. Take a trip on one of the gondolas with a loved one, while being serenaded by a barrel-chested gondolier, or stroll through the many beautiful artisan shops selling their wares of rustic bread and hand-blown glass ornaments. The city has many eateries, which offer the authentic taste of Italy. As the weather will be a little bracing, you’ll need to wrap up warm. But if the weather gets all too much for you, you can take shelter at the opera house, taking in some of the finest performances in the world.


If you’d love to travel to the jewel of the Middle East, Oman but you’re worried about the searing heat, February is the time to travel. The temperatures begin to cool but still reach a respectable 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy all the splendors of Muscat, from the palaces of the Sultan to the beautiful architecture of the mosques in the city. There are plenty of natural wonders in the country too. In Khasab, you can visit the Oman Fjords where dolphins play in the crystal water. Alternatively, you could travel to the Wahiba desert, where the sand dunes shift and provide an unusual home for the Bedouin families of the area.