5 Warning Signs You Should Quit Your Job and go Travelling


These days, there are many reasons why people quit their jobs. You might have heard of quitting to go live somewhere else, or maybe even to start your own business. But a bigger trend happening to the millennial generation is quitting your job to travel the world. Just imagine the world as your oyster. When there are endless possibilities, there’s no surprise people are giving up their 9-5 jobs for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Now, it’s not as farfetched as you think. Skeptics might say it’s too expensive or an immature thing to do, but when you consider that travelling has become more accessible than ever before and working from home is more of a possibility, the idea doesn’t sound so unrealistic. If you have two or more of these warning signs you might want to think about it yourself.


You read more articles on travel than those related to your job

There are some people that simply love their jobs. They wake up, go to work, go home and then read about their work. For other people, work is a way of getting money to pay the rent. If you find yourself browsing through endless articles and blogs about travel (like this one) it might be the first warning sign that you should quit your job and go travelling.

Your Vacation Time is Never Enough

Have you ever had the feeling that your vacation time is just simply too short? Yes, most people feel this, so it’s difficult to distinguish between what’s normal and what’s a warning sign. However, if it’s your first day of being on a white sandy beach and are already coming up with ideas of how to get out of your first day back at work (food poisoning, jet lag, tropical virus are all options), it’s time to sit up and take notice of this warning sign.

Your Would Rather Learn a Language than Attend a Free Work Conference

OK, let’s admit it. There are jobs that have some pretty cool perks, especially when it comes to free work conferences. If you are one of those people that can get sent to Chicago for a 3 day event where all expenses are paid, you might be wondering what the problem is. Well, there are people who would prefer to spend a week catching up on their language skills than attend the same boring conference. If you have ever turned down a free event to brush up on your Spanish, there should be warning bells going off in your head.

You Can Do Your Job From Home

Though this is less of a warning sign, it is still a sign which might help you along with your decision to quit your job.  To start with, you might be lucky enough to have a job that you can do from home. Software engineers, journalists and many other professions can be tailored so that you don’t have to come into the office. It might mean you set up your own business which allows you to be anywhere in the world, If you don’t have this type of profession, you might be thinking of changing career to something more flexible. Now this is a warning sign to take notice of.

You’re Not Growing

One of the main things to gain in life is experience. Some jobs can really help you grow and develop, though many leave you feeling stuck in a rut. Once you stop growing and nurturing your soul it is time to move on. Some people move on to better positions, whilst others find themselves drawn travel. If your soul is craving the open road, don’t deny it.

So, if you have any two of the above warning signs, I say it’s time to bring out that dusty lonely planet guide. Well, even one warning sign can do the trick for some people.