Fidel Castro Slams Barack Obama’s Visit To Cuba


The former leader of Cuba Fidel Castro has accused U.S President Barack Obama of sweet talking the people of Cuba on his visit last week. President Obama said that it was time for both countries to put their differences aside and focus on the future together.

Obama Cuba


When asked about the criticism made by Castro a spokesman from the White House, Josh Earnest said how pleased they were with the reception that was received by the President from the people of Cuba and how well the conversations had gone between the President and Cuban officials. Earnest went on to say that the way in which the former president Castro had responded showed what an impact President Obama’s visit had on the Cuban people.

Fidel Castro attacked President Obama for not mentioning the deaths of people in both Cuba and the U.S, not making reference to the Cuban’s gains in education and health and not admitting what he might have known about South Africa and how they obtained nuclear weapons before the end of apartheid and how this was obvious with the help of the U.S government.