EU Asks Turkey To Open Borders, Russian Airstrikes Continue


With the war in Syria getting worse every day, thousands of refugees are flooding the Turkey border in search of sanctuary. The European Union is calling for some leniency from the Turkish government to allow the refugees through. This is in the wake of airstrikes from Russia and a determined set of government forces. The influx of refugees met with a closed crossing at Oncupinar.


The governor of the Kills Province in Turkey estimates the arrivals to be over seventy thousand. The government in turkey is already taking care of close to 35,000 Syrians on their side in camps. Tapsiz, the governor, still maintains that the doors of the border are not closed. He however remains firm that the need for such a population shift at the time remains unwarranted and unnecessary. Fifteen injured Syrians were however accepted into the country for treatment.

With the country already hosting 2.5 million of its neighbours, the open door policy remains in place. The EU in turn dispersed €3 billion to ease the financial strain on the country. This is to ensure that Ankara can actually protect the citizens fleeing Syria.

The EU has received more than a million refugees that have made their way to Greece, Sweden and Germany through Turkey. Greece has consequently put in elaborate efforts to control its borders to ensure that the Schengen zone is preserved and they maintain border controls to within their administration. The country is currently facing strain as refugees in excess of 840,000 have flooded the nation. This has put quite the undue weight on the local economy, making them unable to stem the inflow.

Efforts have been turning to the non-EU nation, Macedonia, to preserve the integrity of the Schengen Zone that offers border free crossing. The foreign minister in Hungary also seeks to extend these efforts to Bulgaria as the zone doesn’t accept EU help and is currently facing misuse from the flooding populous. Hungary also looks to barricade the northern border with a fence, efforts that proved successful with the razor wire set up in the southern parts.

The foreign minister in Macedonia, Nikola Poposki has given the go-ahead for the deployment if military to the border to curb illegal crossing into the country. The efforts in his opinion will continue till this is eradicated.