China Sanctions North Korea


It seems like the government in Beijing has had enough of dealing with the current North Korean Government. In a bold move, the Chinese Government has decided to impose sanction on the hermit kingdom of North Korea. The Chinese government has decided to limit the ability to sell metals to the North Korean Government. This is a move by the Chinese Government.


Some of the materials that the Chinese Government has decided to ban the import of are Coal, Iron, and Iron ore. These materials are essential for the North Korean Economy, and without their export, it seems like North Korea is heading for even hard times. Sadly though for the rest of the world, the Chinese Government seems to be pretty lax on their enforcement of Customs regulations, and economic sanctions when it comes to North Korea. Unless the Chinese Government is really committed to change, it looks unlikely that any change will come, as the North Korean Border is one of the most porous in the world.

To end, the Chinese Government has made a really historic change by banning the importation of certain types of North Korean products, now we must see if they actually follow through.