Bangladeshi Court Keeps Islam As State Religion


In 1998, Islam was introduced as the state religion in Bangladesh even though it was against the principles of the Independence fighters and fuelled a group of 15 citizens to file a petition in the courts. Recently the top court in Bangladesh has once again rejected the 28-year-old petition to remove Islam as the official religion of the country.



The controversy that surrounds the state religion has created a huge divide amongst the people of Bangladesh. Although the secular people want to be rid of state religion, the Islamists support the religion 100%.

The Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, firmly believes that states should not have an official religion, whereas the Indian politician and member of parliament Parimal Nathwani, asked how Bangladesh could have a state religion as the government believes in secularism. Subrata Chowdhury, the lawyer for the petitioners was frustrated as the court never held a proper hearing and added that he would decide on the appeal when he had consulted with the group members on their favoured course of action.