How Do You Know if Your Microwave is Leaking Radiation?


It doesn’t take many brain cells to work out that the things that a microwave does to food are not something that should be done to humans. Microwaves work by passing microwave radiation into the food which leads to the food heating up at a very rapid speed. Needless to say, if the same happened to a human, the end result would not be pretty. Many people worry about microwaves leaking radiation, but would have no idea if this was happening in their own homes. So, how do you know and what should you do?



Radiation Leaks

Considering most people have them in their homes, microwaves are actually pretty dangerous, so it’s incredibly important to make sure you have one that it is functioning correctly. One thing that it is vital to check for is whether it is leaking radiation. A radiation leakage has the ability to hit people as they pass in front of the microwave and this can be very dangerous. Microwaves pass radiation through anything that is inside them (or sometimes even outside) and this causes the molecules of water in items to heat up extremely quickly. While you can’t exactly be ‘microwaved’ from a radiation leak, it could cause various other health problems. None of which are going to be very pretty.

A Quick Test

So how can you tell if your microwave is leaking radiation? There’s a very simple way around it.

First of all, you’re going to need a mobile phone that’s switched on. Put this inside the microwave and shut the door, but whatever you do – don’t turn that microwave on. Now you need another mobile phone, so that you can try and call yourself. It sounds weird, but trust us on this. You see, mobile phones also emit radiation to some extent; not enough to damage us (so science says) but enough that they can be used to test radiation of other objects. How, you ask? Simple. If your mobile phone doesn’t ring inside the microwave then you’re safe. If it does, it’s time to run for the hills.

Space for Radiation to Leak

Your microwave door has been designed to stop any radiation from getting through it. Therefore, if your phone doesn’t ring it means that the waves have been blocked by the microwave itself. You’re safe! If your phone does ring, however, then your appliance is trying to murder you. Not really, but it’s probably time to invest in a new one. The radiation waves are able to escape, which is what is allowing your phone to ring inside the microwave.

Time to Invest

If your phone does ring inside the microwave then you definitely need to get yourself a new one. In order to keep it safe, always make sure you buy a brand new microwave from a trusted seller. There’s a reason you don’t see ‘refurbished’ microwaves on the market. Make sure you update this appliance every few years as well, as the older the get the more likely they are to leak. Like we said, it’s not something that is going to frazzle your insides like a ready meal, but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. No need to walk around wearing a tin hat either. Also, make sure you dispose of your microwave properly! There are dedicated areas at tips, for you to dump your radiation leaker.

Now you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re ready for any microwave leak eventuality. It’s a simple, quick check that will stop you from feeling worried and let you know when it’s time to invest in a new microwave. Just remember not to turn it on when your phone is in there, however. That really is one mess you won’t want to clean up after.


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