The Best Snacks to Give Your Workday a Second Wind


Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced that afternoon work slump. It’s 2pm, and you still have several hours to go before you can leave. Then, you have the after-work traffic to deal with, as well. Whether you did not get enough sleep or are just having a long day, you need a pick me to keep going and push through. Keep reading to learn more about the best snacks to give your workday a second wind.



Some studies say that eating fruit can make you generally happier. Well, what’s better than that type of pick-me-up? You can make it even more interesting with a small fruit salad in order to have some variety. In addition, dried fruits such as apples, mangoes, pears, apricots or prunes work just as well. The natural sugars will wake you up without a crash afterward. Moreover, citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C that improves your body’s immune system. The apple moves slowly through your body that will keep you awake. Plus, the carbohydrates will keep you moving. Not to mention, many fruits are an excellent source of fiber. Don’t worry about the type of fruit you choose. All are healthy, and all are delicious.

Dark chocolate

It might give you a psychological boost just knowing that chocolate is on this list. Although, you want to stick to dark chocolate. The reason is it is full of natural fats, natural sugars and antioxidants. The cacao bean will perk you up similarly to coffee. On the other hand, you can try low-fat chocolate milk. In addition to the benefits of chocolate, something cold and refreshing will give you a burst of energy.

Whole grains

You need fiber and complex carbohydrates to give you your second wind. The point of complex carbohydrates is they break down more slowly to give your body extended energy. Some good sources are oatmeal or whole grain bread, cereals, muffins, pancakes and waffles. You might opt to keep a box of instant oatmeal by your desk for a quick boost. It stores well, and there are a bevy of flavors to choose from.

Baked edamame

This is on the list because it is high in fiber and protein. The best way to eat it is baked with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. They will start to become crispy. Then, you can eat a handful as needed. You get a crunch with lots of healthy nutrients.


The best way to get your second wind from nuts is to eat them in their raw form. They are good for you even if they have a high concentration of fat–it is a good fat. Plus, if they wean you off of junk food, even better. Nuts are high in Vitamins E and B with a good dose of protein and omega-3s. You will also find energy chemicals magnesium and potassium. Try mixing a handful of nuts with your fruit and some dark chocolate. You might even opt to add some chopped nuts to your warm oatmeal.


This is a wonderful, low-calorie option to help you get some of your energy back. Fish offers fat-soluble vitamins and is high in protein. If you choose salmon, tuna or sardines, you will get the benefit of omega-3s. Fish will definitely put a hop in your step.


There has been a debate over whether or not eggs are good for you. That debate is pretty much over since eggs give an amazing source of protein that provides a lasting form of energy. You also get several vitamins. Not to mention, eggs are filling. You can have them scrambled, in a sandwich or on top of a salad. You can also just eat them alone and hard boiled. Pop one or two eggs in your mouth, and feel the energy rise up.

Instead of caffeine, sugary snacks or energy drinks, the best route to get your second wind at work is through natural and healthy foods. They are economical, offer vitamins and protein and they are portable. Plus, you won’t have to worry about weight gain at the office because you are staying away from unhealthy junk food. Not to mention, the complex carbohydrates give a longer-lasting form of energy.